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Best in Specialty Show 2010 GPCA National
Working Group One the day after the 2010 National
2010 #1 Owner-Handled German Pinscher in the USA*
(Overall #2 Breed & All-Breed GP)

2011 #1 German Pinscher in the USA* ~ Breeder-Owner-Handled


Best in Specialty Show 2016 GPCA NationalOwner-Handled
GCH CH Nevars Urban Cowboy of Temerity


CH Nevars Yes I Can Temerity "Thumper" our first champion of 2017. We are so happy with this young dog. His future is bright. Thank you Lyn Stuby for co-breeding this litter with us.

We have been blessed with many years of experience; it has given us the ability to evaluate structure and appreciate correct movement. Regardless of the breed or species, there is a correct way to move. We have grown to appreciate animals that are sound and cover ground; while looking good, as they gait.

That is why we will always be "Striding for Pefection!"

Can GCH Am CH Temerity Lightning Bug CGN, TT(photo at 11 months old)

While we maintain our desire for sound and proper movement, sweet, outgoing and compliant temperaments, the dog must also be free of health defects. The German Pinscher Club of America has guidelines for testing this breed to ensure its health. As members, we follow and even exceed these guidelines to ensure that our dogs are sound, inside and out.

We breed dogs only when we want something out of the litter, and we always work very hard to find the right homes for our puppies that we do not take to the show ring. We are selective of the dogs we breed and the people who get them. All pets are sold on limited registration and if not already, will be spayed or neutered. We genuinely love this breed and seek only the best for it!

We chose to use the Kennel Prefix "Temerity" because we feel it defines the german pinscher personality:
                   temerity - fearless, daring, audacity, boldness, recklessness
                                 - proceeding with reckless abandon or foolhardy
                                - contempt of danger or failing to evaluate the consequences

A little about German Pinschers:

This breed is relatively new to the AKC (recognized in 2003), but is actually older than the Miniature Pinscher and Doberman Pinscher and their only common ancestor. They are between these two breeds in size. Like both breeds, they are energetic, playful and sometimes have a strong will to do as they wish. Their movement is that of a working dog with a low, reaching front and strong, powerful drive in the rear.

GCH CH Nevars Okie Dokie Temerity (photo at 18 months old)

For more information on this breed you can contact us or go to the German Pinscher Club of America website by clicking on their logo below: